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Although the Sexy M.F. Series has been self-published for a while, I'm a new author and had much to learn. There was oodles of stuff I got wrong, so I've spent many months perfecting my craft and re-writing the series.
Now that they are the best I can make them, it's time to move on,
although, Max and Cole are always on my mind.
My next series is well underway.
The Heart-Deep Series is a contemporary romance with a darker hero.
Sebastian G Winter is alpha through and through.
But as with all alphas,
their weakness is always the female.
Love can claim your heart in many ways.
A gentle gesture, a whisper of affection.
But when it hits you like a hurricane, consuming every part of you,
denial and resistance becomes futile. Surviving the storm is all that matters.
Bastian Winter is the storm.
Cold, arrogant, intensely compelling. Not a man you can easily ignore, or deny.
But Heart-Deep is not his forte.
I'd like to think he stole my heart, but I surrendered it willingly.
What he does with it, I have no control over.
I just hope my heart can survive the coldness of Winter.
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