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M.F. book 1 of the Sexy M.F. Series
M. F.
Sexy M.F. Series - Book 1

For me, falling in love at first sight would take months of planning. A little caution never hurt anyone.

But Maxwell Foxx isn't a man, or a desire, you can easily ignore. The man has sexy in his DNA.

Falling in love with him was easy... inevitable.

Keeping him would become a fight for my life.


Young photographer Vivienne Banks could never be accused of throwing caution to

the wind. 'Cautious' could be her middle name.

A tragic childhood colours her future and her trust must be earned.

When her love life hits the rocks, Vivienne hits the bar with devastating consequences.

In his sights already, gorgeous billionaire Maxwell Foxx comes to her rescue,

but who is rescuing whom, and at what price?

Will Vivienne ever truly understand the significance of the M.F. tattoo over Max's heart?

And will Max ever be able to move on from the ghosts in his past,

and the bonds which tie him to another?

Contemporary Romance
MISSING FOXX book 2 of the Sexy M.F. Series
Missing Foxx 

Sexy M.F. Series - Book II 

Max has finally found closure, releasing him from the confines of Monica's 'unbreakable bond'.

Now that she no longer poses a threat to those he loves, and knowing Vivienne's ready to accept his proposal of marriage, life just couldn't be better.

On her own in the penthouse waiting for Max to return, Vivienne stumbles upon an intruder.

The shock and surprise that it's someone she knows only too well is compounded by the realisation

that no one is going to save her. No one knows she's in danger, least of all Max.

Frightened and defenceless Vivienne has no choice but to face the intruder alone and 

to accept her fate. But who would want to hurt her? Or is Max their ultimate target?

If so, she will sacrifice everything to protect him.


Romance ~ Sex ~ Betrayal ~ Epic love story
MINE FOREVER book 3 of the Sexy M.F. Series

Mine Forever

Sexy M.F. Series - Book III

Vivienne has everything she could ever wish for, including the heart of her sexy, gorgeous paramour.

Max has proposed, vowing to fiercely love her for every moment of every day until forever.

Against all odds and any hope, she's also pregnant with his babies.

Finding out that he's secretly planned a romantic wedding just completes her fairy-tale romance.

Life just couldn't get any better than this ...

But as the festivities of her best friend's wedding are in full swing up on deck, Vivienne soon realises,

to her horror, that everything is about to change.

Only moments ago Vivienne's future looked so bright and full of promise, but now

it seems so empty and hopeless.

No me without you ...

Max is the love of her life.

He promised her forever, and Vivienne won't rest until she finds him ...

even if it takes forever.


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