Lisa Mackay - Author

Lisa Mackay

Born in Manchester (UK), Lisa now lives in a quaint little village

in the south east of England.

Having spent her early twenties working in London, she realised the office life wasn't for her and moved to the Costa Del Sol, Spain!

Once a carefree existence serving cocktails in several bars and night clubs had been thoroughly explored, Lisa moved back to the U.K. but a driving ambition for a more creative lifestyle beckoned.


Joining forces with Stevie, her lifelong best-bud and partner in music, they went on to conquer the world... well, some of it!

Often in luxurious resorts, Lisa and her band travelled the globe 

performing for Royalty, Corporate giants such as Sony, and for many of the finest hotels and establishments all over the world.

But it wasn't always 5-star. Lisa has lived the dream, but also the nightmare!

Sitting in traffic on the M25 trying to get to a crappy little club in Dagenham to perform for one man and his pint, gave Lisa the grit and determination she's known for.

Always keen to learn new skills, Lisa took a course at the National Film & Television School in the U.K. She directed a pilot for television, and worked as a Script Supervisor for acclaimed and esteemed British director and screenwriter Jane Gull.

Recently retired from performing, Lisa's creative streak and a deep seated passion for writing, produced her first endeavour as an author.

The Sexy M.F. Series, a trilogy in the contemporary adult romance genre, all self-published.


M. F.
Missing Foxx
Lisa Macay - Hollywood Showbad
Lisa Mackay - Hollywood Showband
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